On the Horizon” – a companion service to MorningMail

On the Horizon delivers to your inbox all events in Rensselaer's Public Events Calendar for the next 7 days.

On February 1, 2011, DotCIO and the Division of Strategic Communications and External Relations (SCER) introduced MorningMail, a new way to communicate to and within the Rensselaer community.

In its first months of operation, MorningMail has been well received by the Rensselaer community, and the community of Rensselaer information providers. We have reached out to new information providers, and the feedback we have received has guided us in making improvements to MorningMail.

On the Horizon email
On the Horizon email

On April 8, 2011, we announced “On the Horizon,” an optional new addition to Rensselaer’s information services. “On the Horizon” is a mailing list, onthehorizon@lists.rpi.edu, published daily, consisting of all the events in Rensselaer’s public events calendar for the next 7 days. “On the Horizon” is an “opt-in” list – if you do not subscribe yourself, you will not receive it.

“On the Horizon” is not part of “MorningMail” proper, but complements MorningMail. MorningMail distributes news, and announcements, and events of interest to the Rensselaer community in a timely manner. Not all events, news items or announcements appear in the daily MorningMail mailing. Some items appear only on the MorningMail website or RSS feed, and some items may not be republished in MorningMail.

“On the Horizon,” on the other hand, publishes all the public events for the next seven days in http://events.rpi.edu. Many events will repeat on consecutive days in “On the Horizon, making it a great vehicle for event reminders. Each item in “On the Horizon” links back to the original calendar event (like MorningMail), and also provides an easy event download (.ics file) link to place the item in your calendar.

Many people may find the daily “On the Horizon” to be a nice adjunct to MorningMail, but many others will find MorningMail alone will meet their information needs. Consequently, “On the Horizon” is to be is an opt-in list – you have to subscribe to it to receive it.

You can preview “On the Horizon” at http://events.rpi.edu/onthehorizon/

“On the Horizon” daily postings will appear as they do today from “MorningMail”, but this is an administrative convenience to help us implement the system. The”On the Horizon” subject line will read as “On the Horizon: dd-mm-yyyy”, where “dd-mm-yyyy” represents the date it was posted. The content of MorningMail and “On the Horizon” for any given day will not be identical, or necessarily similar.

For those of you who try “On the Horizon” let us know what you think of it. You can direct your comments and suggestions to mm-support@lists.rpi.edu.